The Omega Timeline is an Anti-Void located in the center of the Anti-Void Multiverse. It is by far the largest Anti-Void, spanning tens of trillions of lightyears. The Omega Timeline is unique among Anti-Voids, in that it is connected to every Universe in the UTMV, so it can be accessed from anywhere. The only way to enter the Omega Timeline is by thinking about it while opening a door; on the other side is the Omega Timeline.

Frisk Marusina is the steward of the Omega Timeline, being the first one to ever appear there. His SOUL is contained within an Obelisk located in the center of the Omega Timeline that amplifies their SOUL across the entire UTMV.

The Inhabited Area

The Inhabited Area of the Omega Timeline is a comparatively small section about the size of Slovakia. This is the area in which everyone who lives in the Omega Timeline is located.

The Capital

The Capital of the Omega Timeline is a city 150 square miles large located in the center of the Inhabited Area.

Timeline Plaza




Game Lounge


The Library




The Outlying Districts

There are numerous areas not located within the city itself.

Coofus Garden


Mirror Lake


Waterfall Cave


The Forest




The Unrendered

Taking up more than 99.9̅9̅% of the Omega Timeline, The Unrendered, also known as the White Void, is the blank, featureless area of the Omega Timeline. It is slowly consumed by the Inhabited Area, as the Omega Timeline "adapts" to anything placed inside of it.

Rho Docks

An area reserved by Rhosaith located hundreds of billions of lightyears away from the Inhabited Area, the Rho Docks is an area of rendered landscape that Rhosaith uses as a sort of safe harbor for her crew to rest and recuperate. The only inhabitant to know about the Rho Docks is CORE!Frisk.

The area is roughly 300 square miles.

The Heart

The Heart of the Omega Timeline is a section of rendered landscape 100 square miles located right in the center of the Omega Timeline. The area features the Barrier Mountain Range as well as the Obelisk.

The Barrier Mountain Range


The Obelisk

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