The Snowdin Province is an area of The Underground that is in permafrost. It was settled by a number of monsters when they were migrating to the place that is now The City of New Home.

Snowdin Forest

Underearth Arc

BGM: Snowy

Snowdin Forest is the stretch of subterranean trees that extend between The Ruins of Home to Snowdin Town. During the Underearth Arc, the area was inhabited with teen monsters.

Surfaced Arc

BGM: Like Snowflakes

Snowdin Forest has almost completely been deserted. There are only a few monsters who live here now.

Snowdin Town

Underearth Arc

BGM: Snowdin Town

Snowdin Town is a town in The Underground that was founded in 1408 by a relatively large number of furry monsters. Since it's founding, it has acquired some interesting traditions (like putting gifts under a decorated tree). Sometime in the late 1900s, the Skeleton brothers, Sans and Papyrus, moved into a house on the far side of Snowdin Town.

Surfaced Arc

BGM: Absentia

Snowdin Town by this point is completely abandoned. Everyone who lived in Snowdin Town has left to live in New Snowdin.

Disaster Area

BGM: (None)