Malitale is an AU that takes place after a Geno-Neutral route, where Alphys becomes the ruler of the Underground. However, something has gone horribly wrong.


Hours after the Human, Frisk, left the Underground, the Monsters that had evacuated emerged from their shelter only to find that all their leaders were dead, and the SOULs were gone. Within a day, it was decided that Alphys should become the new leader. Under the leadership of their new ruler, things were once again becoming good. Sans had soon convinced Alphys that all humans should be killed on sight in order to prevent another purging. A few years followed, and a new Human had fallen into the Underground. Due to the Ruins being completely empty, nobody was aware of this. After some wandering, this Human eventually found a strange, hairy entity who warned them that the Underground was a dangerous place for Humans. This entity then proposed a deal. This deal then lead to the absolute downfall of the universe.