Artemis Hemlock is an 11-year-old girl* who has a younger sister named Amelia. She is incredibly powerful for her age, honing her skills every day, just in case. She and Amelia are orphans.







Artemis is extremely overprotective of Amelia, never taking her eyes off her for more than three minutes and always making sure she can defend herself when Artemis leaves. She is also particularly brave, standing up to people far bigger than her. Plus, she is a thief, as she steals to get the essentials she and Amelia need. She isn't too smart, due to the fact she was orphaned at age five, so she has little knowledge beyond that of an average fourth-grader, and a lesser reading skill.



  • Soul Magic[1]
    • Artemis summons different kinds of weaponry, such as swords and bows. She can use them to attack her enemies.
  • Fire Magic[2]
    • Typically used to power-boost her katana.


  • Blade of Grief
    • Her Katana glows orange, and emits Fire Magic.[3] It's called the Blade of Grief because her mother gave it to her before she died.


Artemis was raised by her mother only from birth. Her mother taught her how to survive, for her mother was in poor health and was not expected to see Artemis turn into a teenager. When Amelia was born, her mother died minutes afterward. Artemis took Amelia and raised her on the streets, where Artemis met Frisk at age 10. Artemis rarely left Amelia, leaving only to steal much needed necessities. When Frisk vanished, Artemis was overcome by grief as her only friend vanished. When Frisk came back, Artemis wept with joy.

Main Story


A Whole New World

Artemis is only mentioned in A Whole New World in the Epilogue when Frisk says "No, this is the alley where I'd normally find Artemis...", followed by him saying that he can't run into her again at the moment.


Amelia Hemlock

Amelia is Artemis's little sister. She raised her from birth, never letting her out of sight. She rarely left Amelia alone, leaving her only to fetch essentials.

Frisk Anecros Anendotos

Artemis and Frisk were originally best friends. Then Frisk vanished, and Artemis thought he died. When he returned, she was overjoyed.

Magic Mastery Level

  • Soul Magic - 1[4]
  • Fire Magic - 1[5]



  • Oddly enough, she can get drunk off of root beer.
  • She has a crush on ---


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